NitorLACK news

NitorLACK's latest product is ‘Golden Age’ transparent nitrocellulose lacquer. This lacquer has no added plasticisers, just like the lacquers from the 50s and 60s. As a result, the lacquer can be applied very thin, but will age relatively quickly. With this lacquer and 'Relic Gloss', NitorLACK offers excellent lacquers to achieve realistic results.

TMA distributes NitorLACK in almost every country in the EU and UK and the brand is rightly starting to become quite popular. Because we can buy more and more of it, production costs have become lower. From now on, we can offer the full range of nitrocellulose lacquer in aerosols at a significantly reduced price: an aerosol now costs the same as a 0.5L can!

We are very satisfied with the quality of NitorLACK. Our customers' feedback is taken very seriously by the production team for their product development. As we progress with NitorLACK we’ll keep you posted.

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